In America will work from home and remote hire policies affect the on-boarding process for new hires?


Rachel Amos
The Senate
14 Mar 2020

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  • 14 Mar 2020
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    Agents need to be identified to help with on-boarding remote employees. See the attached guidance from Sidley

    "Under the I-9 rules, every employer must review original identity and work authorization documents in the physical presence of the employee within 3 days of the start of work. The government does not permit the use of webcams or other technology in lieu of the in-person review of the original documentation. However, employers may designate any employee, and even a non-employee, to serve as its agent for the in-person review of the documentation and the completion of the I-9 process at hire. For situations such as this, employers should develop a protocol for designation of a suitable agent and a quality control procedure to ensure that the I-9 process for remote hires is conducted in a compliant manner."


    Rachel Amos
    The Senate

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